What are desk pets are and what you need to know if you want to have one

On this information we are going to discuss pets , making an attempt to grasp what they’re and what care the house owners ought to supply them.

n latest years, pets have develop into an increasing number of quite a few in Italian properties. There are a lot of who get a canine or a cat, but in addition different pets which may be much less well-known.

However what are pets? The reply may be discovered within the definition itself. Pets are animals which have undergone the domestication course of, that’s, over which people have managed to have partial or whole management.

This definition, nonetheless, is now considerably out of use at the least in educational circles. That is for 2 causes:

The primary is that not all animals may be domesticated. Some merely would not have the flexibility to work together with people as he does, for instance, a canine. It’s easy to grasp how canine domestication shouldn’t be like that of a rattlesnake or a goldfish. These two can’t be known as pets as a result of they merely get used to the human presence (and they’re two various things).

The second is that pets are sometimes confused with companion animals . The latter are animals whose function is to maintain man firm, which nonetheless shouldn’t be the aim of all animals. For instance, cows are full-fledged pets (as a result of they’re domesticated), however they aren’t pets. They outline themselves as livestock.

Amongst different issues, there are some animals, equivalent to chickens or rabbits , that are each pets and livestock. Which, in fact, are pets.

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What are pets

Among the many companion animals, we discover some belonging to the 5 predominant classes of vertebrates. Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish are all animals that maintain individuals firm.

Which means alongside the standard canines and cats there are very totally different animal species, some extra widespread, others much less.

The eye that the house owners should give primarily concern their ethology, or their manner of behaving. Figuring out the conduct of those species means understanding look after them.


Canines, cats, rabbits, horses and others are all mammalian animals. They’re warm-blooded animals able to regulating their physique temperature on their very own, and they’re the animals that, in physiology and conduct, are most just like us.

Taking good care of a canine or a cat shouldn’t be troublesome, as a result of there are books and books that discuss them: It’s actually not troublesome to be taught to deal with them as a result of they’re self-sufficient animals.

A bit totally different speech for rodents, such because the hamster , the gerbil , the chinchilla , the rats, after which different animals such because the guinea pigs , the weasels, the rabbit , the ferret and even the squirrel : all mammals .

The elemental factor for these animals is to know their weight loss plan and relate to them accordingly, making an attempt to maintain them as a lot as potential in a pure state of affairs for his or her ethology. An instance?

The rabbit likes darkish locations, likes to gnaw, has to eat loads of grass. If I’ve a rabbit and I maintain him on the terrace, he eats sunflower seeds as soon as a day and has nothing to gnaw on, he’ll endure greater than we think about.

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So, if we wish to take a mammal belonging to the “NAC”, New Companion Animals , tell us nicely earlier than taking it.


What has simply been stated additionally applies to birds. It should be stated that these animals are sometimes extra adaptable and want much less care than mammals, so if you’re the primary expertise with a NAC, it’s higher to want a parrot to a mammal.

Primarily the wants of birds concern the temperature (even when they’re warm-blooded, many are unique) and the cleanliness of the setting by which they stay, as a result of they have a tendency to eat all the pieces, together with their very own feces.

This is applicable to each small birds ( parrots , canaries ) and huge ones ( chickens , geese) which clearly want a bigger appropriate setting.

Amphibians and reptiles

Extra advanced is the discourse of amphibians and reptiles. Among the many amphibians, which aren’t quite common, there are frogs and salamanders, whereas among the many reptiles by far the simplest to maintain are land turtles and water turtles . However there are additionally lizards, iguanas, chameleons and naturally snakes.

Of those pets we should not overlook that they’re cold-blooded, that’s, they’re unable to keep up their physique temperature.

Turtles normally do nicely because of the open cycle (maintain out), whereas terrarium reptiles want ultraviolet mild, in any other case they die. It’s a must to be very cautious.

Their weight loss plan can also be troublesome , as a result of many have a specific one which should be well-known earlier than they will proceed with the acquisition of such an animal.

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Lastly, a few of them are additionally harmful to deal with. Clearly, we’re speaking about snakes.


Have you ever ever caught a goldfish on the truthful after which it died? It is a widespread and customary downside, as a result of fish are by far essentially the most troublesome to maintain as pets.

Your goldfish most likely died as a result of it didn’t swim within the water however in its personal urine (eh, sure, the water should be modified as a result of the wants do them in there …).

After which, the temperature (they’re cold-blooded too), the presence of chlorine and different substances within the water , the quantity of meals , infectious illnesses (tuberculosis is quite common amongst aquarium fish: amongst different issues you possibly can take us too) are issues to take into nice consideration.