Taking control of your emotions, taking control of your life

The freezing of on a regular basis life and being remoted for months, all of us got here head to head with the completely different sides of ourselves and our feelings.

Many questions arose for us, we had and nonetheless have many questions, however they can’t be answered, as a result of we wouldn’t have the true knowledge.

And what are we left with in such circumstances?

An excessive amount of uncertainty and worry. Our brains are wired to dislike uncertainty and the unknown as a result of it equates them with danger.

The present state of affairs has triggered fear, worry, insecurity and anxiousness, leaving us on the mercy of detrimental ideas and emotions.

That is why in such instances, our emotional well being, which additionally implies bodily well being, is essential.

The excellent news is that we’re technologically superior, extremely complicated beings with the power to self-regulate the power flowing by our organic system.

We are able to consciously regulate our biology (strengthen our immunity, awaken the enzymes of longevity, improve our resilience). How; Via our feelings.

Well being and longevity are extra influenced by our inner atmosphere than by the exterior.

Now we have been taught that there are detrimental, dangerous emotions. And what will we do with one thing detrimental and dangerous? take it away. We disguise it. We disguise it as one thing else. To test it out.

And so we struggle in opposition to our emotions, push them away, fake they do not exist or just lock them within the basement and throw away the important thing.

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The reality is that there are not any detrimental or dangerous emotions. All feelings serve a objective. Their perform is to get our consideration, to give attention to one thing, and to encourage us to behave.

Feelings are inherently impartial, they merely tell us the place we’re and the way issues appear to be.

All feelings are info, knowledge, messages. It’s power in movement and is the first language of the physique, unconscious and instinct. After we suppress or ignore tough feelings, the true sufferer is our well-being and well being.

How can we management tough or disagreeable feelings?

For instance, once I really feel worry, I ask: “What is occurring proper now? Is this sense mine? Is the sensation commensurate with the state of affairs?’

As soon as I acknowledge and settle for what I am feeling, I can start to rework it. Lots of current analysis exhibits that after we title our feelings, they lose a few of their energy.

That once they change into the article of the cognitive course of, their depth decreases.

The diminished depth of the sensation, since I’ve named it, permits me to stick with it and expertise it. permit myself to really feel annoyed, indignant, unhappy or scared.

feel really no matter it’s that I really feel and I do not permit my thoughts to justify or rationalize it. I take just a few deep breaths and sit with him. I change into the “holy witness” of what’s taking place inside me.

discover the sensations I’ve in several elements of my physique. I observe, with out making an attempt to repair something.

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After which I ask, “What’s the total message of this sense? What does he need to inform me?” And I stay in silence and stillness for a couple of minutes. The reply can seem in numerous methods, as a sense, picture, phrases or inspiration…

“What do I really need? What’s my coronary heart telling me? What do I have to do?’

The pictures in my thoughts set off a burst of chemical compounds that alter the composition of my blood, which in flip regulates and controls my cells.

The biochemicals secreted in me are like a wave that washes over my physique and the entire course of takes 60 to 90 seconds. I can handle and management 90 seconds, cannot I?

Issues come up when we aren’t good with ourselves. All issues are inner. The standard of our life is decided by the standard of our ideas and emotions.

You will need to know which you can select what you’ll suppose and what you’ll really feel. You possibly can cease your impulses of their tracks and management them.

How do you reside your life, with pleasure and love or with anxiousness and worry?